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Multifilament fibers for concrete, crack and fire control. Belmix is a high-performance multifilament polypropylene fiber, developed for early-age crack control, freeze/thaw cycles, impact and fire resistance for cementitious materials.

Belmix is a specifically engineered fiber based on selected raw materials and manufactured by Belgian Fibers Manufacturing under controlled and specific conditions.

Concrete is a construction material with a very wide range of applications and advantages. The Belmix Fibers are designed for use in sprayed concrete applications in buildings, tunnels, mining and civil constructions. The fiber is specially treated to maximize the bond with concrete. Belmix offers 2 main advantages:

  • Reduction of cracks in fresh state
  • Reduction of explosive spilling in a fire


  BM6 BM12 BM18 BM20
Length 6 mm 1/4" 12 mm 1/2" 18 mm 3/4" 24 mm 1"
Diameter (micron) 22-34 22-34 22-34 22-34
Material Polymerized - olefin
Density 0,910 g/cm³

Also availbable on request cut lengths under 6 mm (1/4") and over 24 mm (1")

Standard color: natural white