Geotextiles industry

PP multifilament high-tenacity fibers

Belgian Fibers Manufacturing listens very closely to the demands of the customer and produces according to the specifications required to obtain optimum quality. In this way, high-tenacity fibers from Belgian Fibers Manufacturing enhance the possibilities in construction. Depending on the filtration specification, BELFORTE can be produced in different deniers and/or in a combination of different deniers. On demand BELFORTE Fiber is UV stabilized, flame retardant, etc. The fiber is coated with a spin finish to guarantee careless processing.


Belgian Fibers Manufacturing is proud to present the strongest PP fiber available in the market. Using this fiber will increase tensile strength of your nonwovens with the same weight, or maintain the tensile strength with a lower non woven weight. We guarrantee tenacities far over 52 cN/tex (6 gr/den) with elongations still over 85% in both white and black.

oursolution BELFORTE