PP fibers reduce concrete bleeding

PP fibers reduce bleeding

PP fibers will make concrete bleed less. During compacting/vibrating or floating concrete, water will rise to the surface and seek its way out. This is referred to as “bleeding”. PP fibers will make sure that water finds its way out less easily.

Due to bleeding, water rises and accumulates at the surface. Sometimes, along with this water, a certain amount of cement also rises to the surface. When the surface is worked up with the trowel, the aggregate goes down and the cement and water rise to the surface. With the evaporation of water, the accumulated fine material will develop cracks and plastic shrinkage. As a result, it will affect the concrete quality. More specifically, strength will be reduced, the bonding between two successive layers will be poor and wear resistance will be reduced.


  • PP fibers keep aggregates uniformly distributed.
  • PP fibers prevent bleed water from rising to the surface.
  • PP fibers reduce the number of bleed channels.

This will result in:

  • Better wear resistance
  • Reduced surface / water absorption of concrete