Super high tenacity PP fibers13-06-2013

At Techtextil Frankfurt 2013, Belgian Fibers proudly presented its Super High Tenactiy PP fibers for the production of Geotextiles, with following specifications:
Tenacity: > 52 cN/tex (>6 gr/den)
Elongation: > 85 %
The high tenacity and Super high tenacity Belforte PP fiber is used in the production of civil and environmental nonwoven geotextiles worldwide. The fibers resist most ambient factors, such as UV deterioration, chemical and biological degradation. Thanks to the super high tenacity levels of our fibers, we guarantee the strongest PP-based nonwoven geotextile. Tests with several customers have shown substantial increases in the strength of the nonwovens; alternatively, the weight of the nonwoven could be reduced, maintaining the necessary specifications.